My Writings


Writing is my first love. I’d love to publish fiction stories one day, and I have written my very first short film script! But here are the first two pieces I ever published – non-fiction pieces that I’m very proud of.

Why Monica Rambeau Matters

My guest column on about why the introduction of Monica Rambeau into the MCU is so important.


“When I saw that development come to fruition after being hinted at for several episodes, I jumped up. I cheered. I clapped wildly. And I teared up.

     I severely underestimated how much it would impact me to see a superhero who looks like me – a Black woman of a chocolate hue and 4C hair texture.  Maria, Okoye and Shuri are all dope and powerful in their own right, and I was so excited to have them, but they don’t have superpowers. They have supreme fighting skills, nerves of steel and supreme intelligence, but they aren’t enhanced beings, and super-powered beings are what drive the MCU. Monica is on a whole other level, and to see her join the MCU means more to me than I thought it would.”

I Said Goodbye To My Friend Tory Brown Yesterday...

I wanted to write about the passing of one of my oldest and closest friends and what her loss meant to me, but instead of eulogizing, I just wanted to tell you some cool things about my friend.


“Sometimes I think back on the time we lived together, and it occurs to me that we really might’ve benefitted from having a chaperone because one of us was always down for whatever nonsense the other suggested. 

     We drove my rust bucket ’87 Chevy Cavalier over 550 miles from Morris, Minnesota all the way to Chicago when we KNEW Ol’ Unreliable never should’ve crossed state lines!! Perhaps a clear-thinking, responsible friend could’ve made us stop to reconsider had we bothered to listen to input. But nooooo. That was not our way. Our way was more like “Hey, you feel like driving back home for spring break?” “Yep! Let’s do it!” So we did, never thinking about the age or condition of my extremely used up automobile. And then we had the nerve to be surprised when it broke down on the way back – due to a faulty catalytic converter – in the dead of night, somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin.”