Some of My Projects!

Here are a few shots of me getting creative with Art Department stuff! I love flexing my artistic side whenever I get the chance. First time doing these things, and I look forward to doing more of it and watching my progress!

First, we built these mini-flats. Then, after watching a woodgrain faux finishing tool be used, I got to try it myself to paint my flat. Results not bad!

On the left, getting messy with latex to make a giant prop! It was so gooey and messy, I loved it! On the right, my carving into a block of foam – which creates a lot more fuzz than you might expect! I definitely learned to keep a running shopvac on deck.

A few shots of my recreations of the paper props from the Back to the Future franchise!

Making prop drinks – complete with the napkin setup, and laying out the other accoutrement for a nightclub scene.

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