About Me...

Hi there!

My name is Nicole, and I’m a Special Effects Technician.

I’m a graduate of the amazing Georgia Film Academy program that helps folks outside the industry find a way to get in. My focus was Special Effects and Construction. I helped build a set in class, and then interned as an SPFX tech. After finishing the program, I focused on Special Effects as my path, and every day I’m amazed at how wide-ranging special effects is! As my mentor explained, generally speaking, if it moves and it’s not an actor or a stunt, it’s special effects. And no 2 days are the same! It’s pretty awesome.


I’m trained on atmosphere equipment (Vipers, lawn foggers, Orkas and more), hazers, tube of death, Ritter fans, among other equipment. I’ve done door gags, curtains and other practical effects as well as wetdowns, fire bars, rain bars and clouds, etc – and I’m only just beginning! 


I’m handy with tools – trained on pneumatic tools, hand tools and shop machinery (table saw/Saw Stop, miter saw, etc). I know how to find solutions to obstacles. I’m also artistically inclined with an interest in painting, writing, photography and editing, but I really love working with my hands. I’m an all-around resourceful, scrappy, hard worker, and I love what I do!


Now for the fun stuff: I’m a tattoo aficionado! I LOVE them and even designed mine! I also love music and can name almost every song on “Name That Tune” shows within 2 seconds. But my superpower talent that I want y’all to know about is that, if you show me how to do something once, I can copy you with Mystique-like abilities… but maybe a little less accurate (because I’m a newbie)! But I’m not afraid to try. And I want to learn and do what I can to help build amazing worlds.

So... why Special Effects and Construction?

Creating physical worlds. One of my creative passions is writing because I get to create whole new worlds using only words. The truly awesome thing about working in Special Effects and in Construction is that I get to do the same thing by creating the physical worlds where the stories and characters exist in film! 

Thanks for stopping by and learning a little about me! Hang out a while and check out the rest of my site via the menu at the top of this page or reach out to me via the contact box below.

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